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Sebastian & Tiger Lillie

Sebastian and Tiger Lillie had a rough start to life. At just a few days old they were brought into a vet clinic, but because they had tabby markings the clinic decided to euthanize the pair due to already having tabby kittens that needed to be rehomed. In an act of sheer heroism, a brave nurse smuggled the two out and Squinty's Hope Foundation was contacted for help.

Sebastian and Tiger-Lillie were hand-raised by one of our trained nurses, and despite having a couple of health scares along the way, flourished under her care and have become healthy and confident young cats.

Handsome Sebastian was adopted by a lovely family with an older feline sister to pull him into line when his adventurous nature got the better of him! Snuggle bug Lillie was adopted by a wonderful family who credit her affectionate and loyal nature to being similar to that of a dog.