Helping Strays get the Care, Treatment, and Forever Homes They Deserve

Who is Squinty?

​​​​Squinty is the beginning of our story.

Late one night, cold and hungry, Squinty arrived at Forest Animal Hospital.  Found all alone on the footpath in Melwood Avenue, Forestville (on the Northern Beaches of Sydney), it was obvious there was something special about this little battler.

All the staff immediately fell in love with her.  After being examined by the vets and nurses Squinty was diagnosed with eyelid agenesis, a condition where part or all of the eyelid is missing, and would need specialist surgery to ensure Squinty could have good quality of life.

We had decisions to make. We hadn't been able to find a sponsor for the expensive specialist surgery and we couldn't leave her in pain.

The Manly Daily ran an amazing story and all of a sudden Squinty had her own fan club. It was only fitting, at that point, that we started a foundation in her honour.  With the creation of the foundation we could not only help Squinty but could assist strays needing specialist attention and forever homes in the future.

Before we knew it we had raised enough funds for Squinty's surgery thanks to all her lovely adoring fans.  Several surgeries, plenty of cage rest and a lot of after care and Squinty was ready for her new home. 

Needless to say we knew Squinty deserved the very best of homes and after lots of searching we found the perfect little family for her.  Squinty now spends her days tormenting her little fur-sibbling, Albert, at the Woolf family residence and regulary comes back to visit the original team. 

The Future for Squinty's Hope Foundation

​We have been lucky enough to be able to save many lives now thanks to everyone's kind donations.  Our dreams for the future of  Squinty's Hope Foundation is to reduce euthanasia of stray fur babies and ensure appropriate care and veterinary attention for animals that may otherwise be euthanised.