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Millie & Lola 

At just a day old, Millie and Lola found themselves in a vet clinic who were unable to keep the pair. The clinic were going to euthanize the girls if no one could take them, so Squinty's Hope Foundation were contacted to offer a safe refuge with a trained nurse to hand-raise them.

Millie and Lola were a pair of long-haired kittens with tortoiseshell markings, which naturally made them boisterous little babies with big personalities! Although Lola was the smaller of the two she was certainly the loudest. She was not afraid to call out for attention and was very affectionate. Millie was the shyer of the two, watching you quietly with her big doe eyes until you couldn’t help but pick her up and shower her with cuddles.  At just 2 weeks of age a lovely family met the sisters, fell head-over-heels, and were very excited to adopt the girls when they were 8 weeks old.