Helping Strays get the Care, Treatment, and Forever Homes They Deserve

Tushka has an uncanny way of communicating with all things feline. Before she joined the Squinty Tribe she was part of a volunteer rescue group to foster cats and through this program fell in love with and adopted Mim. It wasn’t long after starting her life as a Vet Nurse she has also adopted Marshall, a stray kitten who was brought to the hospital after being found in a car engine. 

Tushka has a particular interest in understanding cat behaviour and is one of our primary kitty mums having hand raised many litters of kittens ensuring they have had a second chance at life through Squinty’s Hope.  She would love to volunteer as veterinary nurse in Africa and has dreams of one day owning a large property home to an array of rescue animals.

Tushka aka the cat whisperer